E-Invoicing for SMB’s made easy


Streamline and Automate your Accounts Payable with Promis.

Promis is a ‘world-first’ bill management platform that connects your accounting system to that of your business partners in seconds.


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Promis gives you back control of your Accounts Payable and your cashflow


  • All your supplier bills in one place with no data entry
  • Provide live Profit & Loss and cashflow figures without the overhead of complex IT systems
  • Simplify your accounting and bookkeeping
  • Pay your bills with one click and get paid faster yourself



1.2 billion invoices are currently being exchanged in Australia.


89% of SMB’s process them manually!

So how does Promis Work?

Simply connect your accounting system, and let Promis take care of the rest.

Receive bills directly into your Promis app from any online accounting system. Or simply email the PDF to bills@promis.co and we take care of the paperwork.

Send bills to clients accounting systems directly via Promis (no need to send via email and hope they get put into their system in a timely manor without error).

Pay bills and have them sync to your accounting system marked as paid and automatically categorised in the correct expense account with one click

Pre-Release Offer

We have created our beta product and getting ready to launch in March 2017.


For $100 upfront, you will receive:


  • First access to the full release of Promis in March 2017


  • 50% discount for 12 months on your Promis subscription


  • Invitation to access the closed beta group

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The Promis Journey


Promis was born out of a frustration with the double entry of data, and seeing a gap between accounting systems that could be connected for the first time in history.


Promis has accelerated quickly into the Fintech Space, growing out of another successful startup – JetConvert, who automate MYOB & Reckon conversions to Xero.


Promis integrated with Xero, & MYOB online and attended the Intuit hackathon in Silicon Valley in late 2015. Since then, we have created our beta product and are now successfully building a number of working trials with banks, major corporates, government, councils and SMB partners.

The Founders


Alexander Kohl


Cameron Lawrence

Co-Founder / Partnerships

Brian Keayes

Co-Founder / CUXO

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