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Ready to connect to e-invoicing via PEPPOL?

We have created a solution for ERM & accounting systems to quickly and easily send and receive e-invoices.

Promis does the heavy lifting of transforming in and out of the PEPPOL standard while offering a great user experience that keeps things simple.

  • Eliminating unnecessary data entry that wastes your employees’ time, so they can spend their hours on more complex tasks
  • Cutting out the risk of human errors that can result in problems later
  • Automatic GST checks to make sure that all taxation is correct on invoices and payments
  • Capturing and storing invoice line item details for easy reference
  • One-click payments without the need to connect to your bank
  • Automatic reminders pushed to you before invoices are due
  • Full payment automation through rules you control

How Much Time and Money Are You Spending on Rote Accounting Tasks?

If your business is like most companies, your employees spend a significant amount of time on accounting tasks – and that means higher payroll expenses.

Unfortunately, most of these tasks are “unskilled” – in other words, they could be accomplished faster and more easily by a software solution than they ever could be by a human. In fact, the average business in Australia spends about 6.8 hours a week on these tasks.

That’s more than 350 hours a year that you and your team could be spending on higher level tasks that produce greater value for your customers and clients – and more revenue for your business.

Take a look at this list and see how many of these tasks you or your employees still handle:

  • Data extraction from invoices and other documents – even if you are scanning these documents, the process of scanning and reviewing the data is still cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • General bookkeeping tasks.
  • Correcting errors that occur when a wrong BSB or account number is used.
  • Manually checking suppliers to determine GST liability.
  • Reconciling client payments – this can be especially time-consuming when a wrong reference number is used, leading to unnecessary research to determine whether a bill has been paid… and when it comes to aggregated payments, this task can drag on for days.

Plus, there are many other expenses that come with traditional methods of handling accounting tasks, including:

  • Bank transaction charges for multiple daily payments – If your bank is charging you for several payments a day, these charges can make a significant dent in your profits.
  • Late charges incurred when supplier bills are not paid on time because of excessive workload or human error.

It’s time to stop wasting money, effort, and hours on accounting practices that just don’t work anymore.

Promis Takes the Guesswork Out of Efficient, Accurate Accounting

We built Promis as an automated solution to eliminate the need for antiquated, manual accounting practices. Companies throughout Australia (and around the world) still use decades-old methods for receiving, storing, and paying invoices… and these practices cost them in terms of efficiency and profitability.

We realised how unnecessary and risky it is for companies like yours to keep using manual data entry and payment methods in today’s fast-paced business world. And we know that you can’t afford to wait for the automation that so many experts say is the “future of accounting.”

So we decided to bring the future to you… now.

How Can Promis Help Your Business?


You and your employees will no longer need to spend time manually transferring data from printed documents or invoices. Invoices automatically flow to your accounting software, so you get line-by-line detail with no errors or frustrating data entry.

We even send automated payment reminders and give you one-click payment access to make paying invoices effortless.


Streamline the process of receiving, storing, and paying bills. You significantly reduce unnecessary payroll costs. You eliminate costs associated with mismatched invoices, data entry errors, and late charges for invoices paid after their due dates.

Promis even automatically checks to ensure that suppliers are GST-registered, so you’re reporting the correct tax.


Suppliers who connect to Promis for free typically receive payments an average of 31% faster than those that rely on manual invoicing and payment procedures.

Your suppliers know that they’ll get paid on time, every time, which helps you leverage business relationships with them to obtain more favorable terms and preferential treatment.

Promis doesn’t just automate one or two parts of your accounting process – it creates a full, mobile environment in which invoice receipt, supplier and line data storage, and payment queuing all occur automatically, so that you can focus on what’s really important to you. And by connecting Promis to your bank account, you can even send one-touch payments to make sure due dates are met – no matter whether you’re in the office, traveling to a meeting, or even enjoying time with your friends and family.

And we’re continually adding new, robust features to make your accounting tasks even simpler. In fact, we estimate that when you use Promis, you can cut the number of hours you spend on accounting by as much as 50%!

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