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E-Invoicing Has Arrived In Australia
And It Is Rapidly Changing The AP/AR Landscape

E-invoicing has finally arrived in Australia. This means businesses of all sizes are now able to:

E-invoicing is an automated direct exchange of invoices between accounting software systems, removing the need for manual invoice creation, and paper and PDF invoices.

The Australian Government Will Pay E-Invoices In 5 Days *

The Australian Government is on board saying, “we are working with the software industry to use the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) standard which is internationally established.” To sweeten the deal, e-invoices issued to the Government will be paid within 5 days (and if they’re late, they’ll pay interest). This is your opportunity to leverage this unique situation and demonstrate industry leadership.

* The New Zealand Government is on board too. They will pay e-invoices in 10 days (from 1 July 2020).

Which Of These Questions
Do You Have About E-Invoicing?

Like many Accountants have you heard about e-invoicing but don’t yet know how to connect to the system or send e-invoices yourself?

Are your clients starting to ask questions about e-invoicing that you don’t have immediate answers for (or where to find the best information without spending hours searching online)?

Are you keen to be proactive and help your clients use e-invoicing to increase efficiency, save time, and improve cash flow?

Like most Accountants, do you realise the crucial role you play in helping your client stay up to date with the latest digital disruption and how it can benefit them?

Are You The Leader Of An Accounting Firm?

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As a Promis Partner you can trial Promis for 12 months, where you’ll send and receive e-invoices to and from your clients and suppliers, at zero cost.

This is an opportunity for your clients to experience the benefits of e-invoicing, whilst upgrading your internal invoicing processes.

Your Promis Partner trial is unrestricted and you’ll receive our world-class support and service every step of the way. To apply for your complimentary 12 month trial of Promis, simply click here to register your details.

E-Invoicing: What Is It and Why Use It?

E-invoicing is an automated direct exchange of invoices between accounting software systems, removing the need for manual invoice creation, and paper and PDF invoices.

The uptake of e-invoicing by businesses and governments around the world is changing the entire Accounts Payable / Receivable process. According to a recent report by Billentis, e-invoicing has been adopted in the following countries:

E-invoicing is growing in popularity with SMEs:

And it’s no wonder. Because e-invoicing provides many benefits including:

The Case Against E-Invoicing
(And The Answer For You And Your Clients)

While the adoption of e invoicing is largely positive (and inevitable), it can be challenging for many Accountants and their clients to get started. The first phone calls, the first faxes, and the first emails were all sent with uncertainty. Yet they now bind us all together. E-invoicing is no different. Innovative Accountants like you have an exciting opportunity to fly the flag for this new technology.

How does Promis work? Promis works as a ‘data bridge’ that enables businesses to send and receive e-invoices within your accounting system, without having to worry about any of the technology.

Unlike other e-invoicing services that charge based on the volume of invoices, Promis’ simple, flat fee makes e-invoicing affordable – no matter how many invoices you send and receive. As a user of Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks, your annual investment in Promis is only $240 plus GST. The initial 12 months is free of charge so you can try it out first.

While other programs merely help digitise basic paperwork, Promis enables you to create, send and track e-invoices directly between accounting platforms, using raw data for total accuracy and security.

Take A Look At A Promis Case Study

Aidacare, one of Australia’s largest Healthcare Equipment and Service providers, operates from 23 locations and 50 distribution partner locations. Aidacare currently sends approximately 150,000 to 200,000 invoices per annum, so process improvement in this space was a key goal for the organisation.

One of Aidacare’s major customers, a large Aged-Care provider, asked them to start sending their invoices in a structured data format rather than a PDF.

Problems had arisen due to the customers AP Automation which couldn’t read all the data on the PDF’s requiring human intervention, slowing things down and creating additional manual tasks. E-invoicing removes the need for intervention in cases like this, thereby increasing efficiencies and turnaround times for payment.

In collaboration with the authorised access point, Ozedi, and Aidacare’s accounts payable solution, Basware, we have provided an elegant solution built right into Aidacare’s ERP.

As of 13 August 2019, the very first Trans-Tasman four-corner model for e-invoicing has been live in production and Aidacare has been sending e-invoices to the first of their major customers.

This is a significant improvement for Aidacare and a milestone for the e-invoicing project in Australia. It is one giant leap towards a future-focused e-business world. Aidacare has helped to roll out e-invoicing and are supporting all their customers who are interested in increasing productivity and gaining critical business efficiencies.

Promis Has Processed 41,000+ E-Invoices
So Far And We’re Just Getting Started

The Promis engine has already processed over 41,000 e-invoices while running in beta, totalling $33 Million in value. Here are some more facts about Promis:

Comments From Our Clients

The Promis engine has already processed over 41,000 e-invoices while running in beta, totalling $33 Million in value. Here’s what some of our clients say about their experience with Promis and the time and money we’ve helped them save …
“The rest of our business runs really smoothly but the accounting side was quite clunky and a nightmare to be frank. Promis has made all the difference. Now we can go to our customers and help streamline their processes too.”
Jay Davidson On the Spot

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The team at Promis recently held a Webinar to help Accountants and their clients transition to e-invoicing. Watch it now and discover:

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