Who’s Behind Promis?

Promis was born from the power of automation. Why should you manually process invoices when you don’t have to? Promis leverages technology and automation to save you money, time, and headaches.

The Promis platform was passionately created by a team of accounting tech developers and entrepreneurs with 40 years of combined experience in the online accounting space.

Lead by visionary Alexander Kohl, the Promis team has significant experience across multiple tech platforms, including an accounting platform conversion service with over 100,000 conversions already completed.

Alexander and his team are already receiving praise for their work in simplifying e-invoicing for Accounting System Providers and businesses.

Meet Some Of Our Passionate
Team Members:

Alexander Kohl
Alexander is our passionate CEO. Alexander loves technology and automation. He also loves improving accounting practices.

Wendy Elms
Marketing Director

Wendy is our Marketing Director. Wendy makes sure every accounting platform knows how Promis can help them.

Cameron Lawrence
Partnership Director

Cameron is our Partnership Director. Cameron understands what our partners require to make the most of these relationships.

Kathy Kleidon
Data Wrangler

Kathy is our Data Wrangler. Kathy takes the most complicated data formats and converts them into PEPPOL compliant documents.

Neil Rogers
Lead Developer

Neil is our Lead Developer. Neil fine-tunes our code so that it is a pleasure for other developers to work with the Promis API.

What clients say about us

“The rest of our business runs really smoothly but the accounting side was quite clunky and a nightmare to be frank. Promis has made all the difference. Now we can go to our customers and help streamline their processes too.”
Jay Davidson
On the Spot
“Promis really saves us time with our invoices and we have less handling of paperwork. It just makes that side of the business more efficient.”
Cara Madden
Good Bean Franchise Group
“This technology delivers valuable time savings for business.”
Danielle Szetho
CEO Fintech Australia
“This app keeps me organised financially when that’s not my forte. I can’t stress enough how that impacts my bottom line for the better. I recommend this app for every business owner to do bookwork even faster and more efficiently.”
Phil McGregor
Good Bean Franchise Group

Accounting software options available from Promis include