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Step 1

Register for your Free  7 Day Trial

It takes just a few minutes to set up your trial account with Promis. You get 7 days to try out our robust accounting automation app and see for yourself how effortless taking care of routing bill handling can be.

Of course, if you decide that Promis is not right for your business, you can cancel at any time during the 7-day period and pay nothing. But we’re convinced that once you see how much time you’ll save each week with this app, you’ll wish you’d found us years ago.

Step 2

Connect to your existing Accounting Software

We know that you probably already have quite a bit of data stored in your existing accounting software, and that you’re not exactly excited about the idea of transferring all of that data to a new system.

With Promis, you don’t have to. We’ve built the app to seamlessly integrate with all of the major accounting systems, including:

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Step 3

Invite Suppliers to connect

This is where Promis makes receiving, managing, and paying invoices simple. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll be prompted to invite your suppliers to start sending invoices directly to Promis. That way, when they submit invoices electronically, they’ll automatically flow into your existing accounting software.

The process only takes your suppliers a few minutes. For that small amount of effort, they get the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll receive, store, and pay each invoice promptly – without errors or delays.

Because of this, most of your suppliers will happily accept your invitation to connect. If a supplier is unwilling or unable to do so for any reason, though, Promis can also instantly import invoices sent to you via email.

Step 4

Connect to your Bank

Linking your bank account is a fast and easy process that enables you to pay your bills with almost no effort – once this is done, you’ll be able to pay invoices with a single click – even from your mobile device.

We’ve structured Promis to work flawlessly with all of the most commonly used banks in Australia, including:

Step 5

 Manage your bills from your Mobile or Desktop

As suppliers connect and invoices start coming in, you’ll be able to see and manage them all from your dashboard. You can set up rules for all incoming invoices to display and take care of them as you like, and you can also take actions for individual invoices with just a single click.

You can access your dashboard at any time on your desktop or mobile device to view or manage your invoices. Once you’ve linked your bank account to Promis, you can instantly pay any invoice with just a tap of the screen – no need to worry about forgetting account numbers, login information, or passwords.

You’ll also get automated reminders two days before each invoice is due. This helps you pay all of your bills on time, helping to ensure strong relationships with your suppliers and eliminating late fees.

Businesses just like yours have already seamlessly sent & received more than 13,736 invoices through Promis. Now we’d like to invite you to experience how painless bill management can be.

Simply click the button below to request your 7-day free trial of Promis. We’ll guide you through the simple setup process, and even provide you with a ready-to-send invitation for your suppliers.

And if you do decide to continue using Promis after your trial period ends, you can simply choose the level that is right for your needs:

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There are no contracts – you can cancel the service at any time.

Of course, we know that once you see how much time and money you can save each month, Promis is one accounting resource you won’t want to do without.

Why spend another day handling invoices, entering data, and paying bills manually? With Promis, you get freedom from these tasks, so that you and your employees can use your time and money as efficiently as possible.

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