Automation Rules

11 Nov Automation Rules

The ultimate aim is to have bookkeeping and payments fully automated. You just want to be notified when something out of the ordinary happens so you can decide how to deal with that.

Our first implementation of that are the automation rules.

For any suppliers that you trust, you can create rules that authorise

  • their bills to be pushed into your accounting system
  • the payment of their bills on the due date.

The auto payment is like a reverse direct debit. Instead of authorising your supplier to debit your account, you keep control over it, but it still happens automatically.

Rules on the Fly

To make sure that both bills and payments are within an acceptable range, you can specify and minimum and maximum amount. Outside of these, the rules will not apply.
To minimise your work, these rules can be authorised on the fly and while you approve and pay normal bills. If no rule exists for a bill that you authorise or pay, you’ll be asked whether you want to auto approve or auto pay in the future.

Click Yes, if you want to, No if you want to process the next bill manually as well and x if you never want to be asked again and always process the bill manually from this supplier.

Under Automation – Rules you can view and edit all rules.

Next: Once all this is set up, remember that this initial additional work will lead to more free time in the future. Go and do something fun.

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