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30 May North Coast small Goods

North Coast Small Goods gets down with The 100,000 Hours Project


North Coast Small Goods has supplied a range of meats and pre-packaged products to the catering, food and hospitality industry on the Sunshine Coast since 1991 and we’re proud they’ve joined Promis in The 100,000 Hours Project.


Over the years their business has grown, innovated and they continue to set themselves apart from competitors with their quality customer service and commitment to innovation. They were also a Winner at the 2013 Sunshine Coast Business Awards.


We asked Kerry from North Coast Small Goods why they decided to get down with The 100,000 Hours Project.


Why did you join The 100,000 Hours Project?


“We initially investigated more about the Promis software to see if it was going to make our business different. Having points of difference is how we run our business and I love to see other small businesses do the same,” said Kerry.


“You have to do something different to keep ahead of the pack. That’s what we try to do and we thought that’s what the team at Promis are doing. So hey, let’s do something different.”


What’s important to you in how you spend your time?


“The big thing I believe businesses should ask themselves is if this will save them time. And then the business owner has to make sure that the spare time generated is used wisely.”


“We’ve had the business a long time. Our idea is that the time saved is spent wisely – generating more business and chatting to our customers. As well as getting more efficient in other areas.”

“You can always improve facets of your business, if you’ve got time to do it. That’s one of the things in small business, we’ve only got nine or ten staff. You’re always going to be time poor. So when someone can generate some extra hours like the Promis system can, we’ve got a golden choice to say okay, where do we spend those hours?”


How do you see The 100,000 Hours Project impacting your business?


“I think really the impact will be the money coming into our back accounts sooner and a bit more regularly. I have a finance background which has allowed me to set up a cash flow system that is reasonably efficient. I am still expecting this will be improved by this process.

“At the end of it all, some of the customers we speak to do a ten, twelve-hour days, get home at 10pm and then expect to do all the book work, pay the bills. And you know, we’re not all experts in that, andour customers are experts in food. And so this is a really good concept and helpful for them also. A lot of that effort will be taken care of for you [through Promis].”


How do you think Promis will change the way you do business?

“it will save us time in having to chase up payment reminders and in terms of entering information into the computer, we’re going to save time there too.

“But the challenge for us and all the other businesses that Promis is going to help, is now that we’re going to save say two and a half hours a week, we have to make sure those hours are utilised wisely, smartly, in generating more business.

“For example, if we know we have a spare hour, we’d like to spend that time talking with our customers more. So, this initiative is going to allow us the flexibility to do that at a time that suits them. I think that would be where we’dbe bestspending the time savings.”


We thank Kerry from North Coast Small Goods for sharing his experience so far with our smart e-invoicing technology, Promis. For more information on how you can get down with The 100,000 Hours Project, visit

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