Podcast Interview with Noosa Stories:

02 May Podcast Interview with Noosa Stories:

Sustainability in business and personal life with Promis founder Alexander Kohl and co-founder Cameron Lawrence

Alexander Kohl grew up in Germany and runs businesses on the Sunshine Coast, build teams and systemises things to make things more efficient. Cameron Lawrence is originally from New Zealand and moved to Australia as a baby with his family. About the age of 17 years old, he tried surfing for the first time, got totally hooked and decided to move to the Sunshine Coast. Both Alexander and Cameron have a passion for sustainability and after starting working together 10 years ago with a solar panel business, they now have founded Promis and are on a mission to save hours not only for businesses on the Sunshine Coast but the whole world.

What is Promis and what does it do?

Promis helps supplier’s get their invoices paid quicker by making it convenient for their small business clients to pay them. It creates a full, mobile environment in which invoice receipt, supplier and line data storage, and payment queuing all occur automatically.
1. Promis can deliver you invoice directly into your customer’s accounting system (so It can’t get lost in their email )
2. Your customers can pay bills with a single click (eliminating data entry and logging into their
banking portal).
3. Promis also fully automates reconciliation for both parties (eliminating bookkeeping and data entry work for both of you).

  • 100,000 Hours Project webpage

We are very grateful to Yenny Stromgren and Noosa Stories for the opportunity to share our story with their listeners and the Noosa Community.



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