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11 Nov Pay With

Authorise Promis to make payments straight from your bank account and display your current bank balance in Promis.

Storing Credit Cards

Credit cards are added in the dashboard when making the first credit card payment.

Once you have added the credit card, the details are securely (PCI compliant) stored with our partner Stripe.

You will not have to enter the details again and can use it for all future payments.

After the credit card is added, you receive a notification to define relevant accounts.

It is useful to select the following accounts as soon as possible under Manage Organisation in the Pay With tab. That way, you maximise the automatic reconciliation processes:

  • Credit Card Fees – if you choose to accept to make a credit card payment where your supplier does not cover the merchant fees.
  • Credit Card Account – the account that represents this credit card in your accounting system
  • Clearing Account – which we use in case you accept to pay the credit card fees for a bill payment.

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