Xero Integration

11 Nov Xero Integration

To get the most out of Promis, you want to integrate with you accounting package.

Most steps are intuitive, the only thing is that you require a couple of additional accounts and it is useful to create them before going through the rest of the setup in Promis.

Clearing Account

The clearing account is used to aggregate payments into bank transfers. The result: more automation during your reconciliation process.

When you create it in Xero (Settings – Chart of Accounts – Add Account), it is essential that you choose Current Asset as the account type and Enable payments to this account. Name and Code are up to you, but we recommend including Clearing Account in the name.

You can specify a single clearing account or one for

  • The main bank accounts your clients pay you into
  • The credit card payments you receive
  • Each of the credit cards that you use to make payments

Unless you have special requirements, we recommend using a single clearing account.

Stripe Fee Account

The other account that might need to be set up is an Expense Account that we use to automatically book credit card fees to.

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