Promis Overview

11 Nov Promis Overview

Accounts Payable

Promis automates the accounts payable process by pulling supplier bills directly from their accounting package. After approval or rules based handling, it books all details in your accounting system.

Payments are possible directly from bank accounts without the need to log into a bank portal. Both, supplier and client benefit by automated reconciliation entries for any payments made.

Accounts Receivable

If you are sending invoices to your clients, Promis automates the reconciliation process for you. No more manual payment assignments to invoices, we book it in real-time as your clients pay.

Promis Setup

In the following pages, you find an overview of the Promis user interface and how to get started. It is necessary to use our website for this initial setup. After that, you can use the mobile app for most tasks.

Here are the most important steps:

1. Get the Most out of the Promis Dashboard

2. Sign up to Promis

3. Xero Integration

4. Prepare to Get Paid

5. Authorise “Pay With”

6. Invite Additional Users to Promis

7. Invite Suppliers & Clients

8. Automation Rules


Promis Mobile App

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